This endpoint can be used to send a message (sms, email, or call) to an existing appointment, participant, or one-off phone number/email address.

This API is intended to make it easy to send messages through the same phone number and email address that you have configured in Apptoto. It can be used by 3rd party systems or internal systems to send one-time messages to clients. Messages sent through this API will count against your credit limit.

If you are looking to sending automatic messages before or after actual "appointments", then please consider using Apptoto's Auto Messages. Apptoto Auto Messages know how to handle appointments moving, rescheduling, confirmation, etc. You will avoid building a lot of infrastructure by using them for those use cases. If you're unsure what tool to use, please contact [email protected].

The request body should look like the following:

  to: "+16505551212",
  type: "sms",
  message: "Hi there!"

In that case, Apptoto will send the message to the specific phone number provided.

You could instead send a message to an Event or a specific Participant on an event by using the event_id or participant_id field. When doing that, you can use dynamic fields. E.g.

  participant_id: "123456",
  type: "sms",
  message: "Hi there {{ name }}!  You're upcoming appointment is at {{ event.start_time | date_and_time_phrase }}."

Parameter Definitions:

typeStringShould be "sms", "call", or "email".
toString (Required unless event_id or participant_id is provided)Should be the phone number or email address to send the message to.
(Required unless to or participant_id is provided)
The id of an Apptoto Event that should receive the message. Each participant in the event will receive a copy of the message individually.
The id of a specific Apptoto Participant that should receive the message.
(Required unless template_id is specified)
The message to be sent.
subjectStringThe subject of the email to be sent.
template_idStringThe id of a specific Apptoto template to be sent. The id can be found on the Messaging > Templates page in the Apptoto portal.

Example Result:

  success: true
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